It's not too late to get bikini ready!
Join The Relentless Woman's 40 day Bikini Body Challenge TODAY!

Transform your body and get in the best shape of your life - just in time for summer!

Join The Relentless Woman Bikini Body Challenge May 12- June 21 to look and feel great this summer!

What's Included:
  •  An intense body transforming, life changing 6-week training program that will help you get leaner and more toned … just in time for summer!
  •  Our On-the-Go Workout guide for when you just can’t make it into the gym. No equipment needed!
  •  Get access to our exclusive TRW community for accountability and the most amazing group of like minded-women on the planet.
  •  A flexible meal plan to cut out the guesswork!
  •  Money saving meal prep guide that saves you time!
  •  Grab n’ Go Meal and Snack guide for busy days.
  •  A Restaurant Guide to make eating out easy.
  •  The Relentless Woman Sweet Treat Solutions guide to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  •  Our printable daily tracker to keep you organized.
  •  TRW Weekly newsletter with exclusive content to help you stay on track.
  •  BONUS Zero Week to get mentally and physically prepared so you can hit the ground running when the challenge begins! Zero Week starts May 5!

PLUS - a chance to win cash prizes!

It's time for your transformation
Are you looking forward to spending your summer in the sunshine, but dreading putting on your swimsuit? Did you fall a bit short of your New Year’s resolution to get in shape before summer, and now you’re feeling the pressure as summer nears? Don’t panic! It’s not too late to make significant changes to your physique and feel great in your bikini this summer! We’ve designed the Bikini Body Challenge to help you make massive changes in just 6 short weeks, and maintain those changes year-round! 

The hardest part about making a lifestyle change is getting started. We’ve designed Bikini Body to help you take that first step to transforming your physique and discover the motivation to keep the momentum going. We’re giving you the blueprint to transforming your physique in just forty days. You’ll get a comprehensive training program that shows you exactly what to do in the gym, and a flexible meal plan that makes it simple to keep your nutrition on track without spending hours tracking and weighing your food.

We also know the importance of a strong support system, which is why you will be starting this challenge alongside hundreds of other women and have access to the most amazing online community on the planet (if we do say so ourselves)! You’ll join the thousands of women who encourage, uplift and offer valuable advice in The Relentless Woman Facebook group, so you don’t have to walk through this transformation alone. 

If you’ve been wanting to make a change, this is it. No more excuses. Now is the time to say YES and commit 40 days to making lasting changes that you will be proud of. You’ll spend more on your daily latte over the next 6 weeks than you will if you commit to finally cutting the excuses and making yourself a priority. If you are ready to feel great when you look in the mirror and love the way your clothes fit again, you don’t want to miss this. Your Bikini Body is just 6 weeks away. Join us today!

"I'm proud of myself because it's hard to lose weight after having children but because of this challenge I'm back into a routine and I'm 1 pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight! Still have a ways to go but I'll continue to improve!"    - Jessica N.
"This challenge was just what I needed to get back on track. The support, accountability and encouragement have been awesome. You guys truly amaze me!!!"   - Kelly D.

"I can not say enough how much this challenge helped me get back in the swing of things. A huge thank you to Rachel Flint for the pep talks and encouragement. I'm down 14 pounds and feeling so much better."   - Hayley B.
Sign Up for the Bikini Body Challenge today to get in the best shape of your life!
We are giving you the tools to get YOUR best body. This isn't about transforming into a fitness supermodel. We want you to feel great in your own skin!

The Bikini Body Challenge costs less than your daily latte, and will help you achieve something you can be proud of!
A Chance to Win $1000 Cash!
What would you do with an extra $1000? Take your family on a getaway? Pay off debt? Purchase a new wardrobe? Start that side business you've been contemplating? So many possibilities, and someone has to win the challenge, right? It just MIGHT be you! We're giving away $1000 to the grand prize winner!
A Complete 12 Week Fitness Program!
This challenge provides a comprehensive 12-week fitness program at no additional cost! I also provide nutrition guidance because without proper nutrition, you won't see great results! (The program PDF will be sent via email to all participants the weekend before the challenge begins.)
Mini Challenges and Prizes
Smaller challenges throughout the 12 weeks will keep you engaged and motivated! Some will challenge you physically, some will challenge you mentally, but all of them will keep you on your toes!
Accountability and Support
A group of thousands of like-minded women will blow your mind with all the encouragement and expertise they bring to the table. Drama free and private, our Facebook group will give you all you need to succeed. You put in the work, we'll take care of the rest! The best part is that the group CONTINUES after the challenge concludes!
Transform your body and get in the best shape of your life - just in time for summer!

Join The Relentless Woman Bikini Body Challenge May 12- June 21 to look and feel great this summer!
Kick your excuses to the curb! Now is the time to make changes you can be proud of!
Look and Feel Your Best This Summer!
Bikini Body  Challenge

Your Price: $47
Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to participate?

This is a 6-week challenge for women only, open worldwide!

Yes, that's exactly what I need! When can I start?

The challenge begins on Sunday, May 12 and ends Friday, June 21st.

Where exactly am I supposed to do this?

In the gym. In your living room. In your garage. Wherever you can do it, do it! But don't forget the kitchen, too! The best results will come when you focus the majority of your efforts on nutrition.

Is there a specific program I have to do?

This challenges comes with a comprehensive 6-week strength training and cardio program. 

Is there a fee?

Yes, for one simple reason: ACCOUNTABILITY. You need to have some skin in the game. It's easy to quit a free challenge, but when you've paid to join, you'll think twice before letting yourself quit! $47 is affordable but not an amount you will spend if you're not serious about staying on track. You're investing in yourself and drastically increasing your chances for success. At the end of the challenge, when you're feeling strong and lean, will you be glad you spent $47 for the best support you've ever had? We think so.

What can I win?

You could win $100 cash! One winner will be selected from the Gym Team and the Home Team to win $100 cash. Winners will be selected based on their own transformation photos.

How do I win?

You will be required to take before photos on the first day of the challenge and after photos on the last day, each with the assigned hashtag. Front view, side view, and rear view photos with the hashtag clearly visible are required. Form-fitting clothes or a swimsuit are highly encouraged, and we recommend wearing the same or similar clothing for before and after photos to ensure we can adequately see changes in your physique. 

We encourage you to be an active participant in The Relentless Woman Facebook group by asking questions, giving support to others, and sharing your struggles.

How will the winners be chosen?

A panel of The Relentless Woman Sponsored Athletes will judge the finishers on the overall improvement in their before and after photos. Winners will be announced in the Facebook group within 30 days after the conclusion of the competition. Competitors whose photos do not meet the requirements will not be eligible to win the competition. There are no public voting or social media requirements for overall winners. 


Misconduct in the group, including but not limited to peddling, advertising, excessive self-promotion, making rude comments, or any other unacceptable behavior will result in immediate removal from the group and disqualification from the competition. 

No refunds will be given for any reason.
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