42 Days of Pizza - Day 2

42 Days of Pizza - Day 2

Sound quality is really crappy on this one, and I figured out why afterwards! It'll be fixed for the next one!

Okay, As promised, here is my Day 2 snapshot next to the Day 1 photo. I'll also be posting these on my Facebook page, as well as Instagram and Snapchat.


I'll also give you a daily weight update, just so you can see how things fluctuate and how the scale really doesn't matter at all. :-)

Starting Stats:
Weight: 142.6

Current Stats:
Weight: 143.0 (up .4 from yesterday)

If there are any other stats you'd like to see me track throughout this challenge, please let me know! Measurements, perhaps?

As mentioned in the video, today was really hectic and it was difficult for me to get all my calories in. That is rarely a problem for me. I loooove to eat. A lot. But you know, life happens and sometimes things just don't go as planned! It used to derail me, but now I just roll with the punches and move on. Thank you again for joining me on this fun challenge; I'm excited to have you along for the ride!

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Rachel Flint

Yes! Your my fitness pal or other meal tracker. Also measurements.

Rachel Flint

Could you share what your daily meals are on this journey? Are you on MFP?

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