42 Days of Pizza, Day 3

42 Days of Pizza, Day 3

Starting weight: 142.6
Current weight: 144 (leg day Friday, sprints Saturday - water retention!)

Day 3 of 42 Days of pizza! My weight is up a pound from my HUGE meal at 2:30 a.m.! My husband got home late from a comedy gig and we stayed up waaaaay too late talking about comedy, vlogs, and who knows what else. Then we got hungry and since I was behind on macros anyway, I got all caught up with an omelet, rice cakes, and a giant protein shake. It was so good! Today, I'm sore from yesterday's sprints! Hurts so good.

Food Intake: 

Calories 1502 (a little lower since it was a rest day)
Protein: 26%
Carbs: 38%
Fat: 36%

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