Grow Those Lagging Muscles!

Grow Those Lagging Muscles!

We all have a trouble spot. A muscle group that for whatever reason, just lags behind and will not do what we want it to. 

For me, it's delts. Those darn things just don't want to grow, no matter what. Biceps and glutes also seem to be a trouble spot for many women. 

Here are five powerful tips to help you target and grow those stubborn muscles!

1. Eat Up! Consume extra calories after you work that muscle group. An extra 100-200 calories on those days can make a difference! (A low-fat protein shake with a serving of low-fiber simple carbs within an hour of your workout is ideal!)

2. Isolate! Exhaust surrounding muscle groups first to ensure you target the right area. Example: to target the glutes, you could perform a low-weight, high rep set of leg extensions and hamstring curls to exhaust those groups quickly before you target the glutes!

3. Concentrate! Focus on the squeeze and mind-muscle connection. Think about the muscle group as you work it, and really squeeze as you perform each rep. (It hurts so good!) Also vary the speed and number of reps to really get a good pump. 

4. Supplement! Consider taking a few supplements! Nothing crazy, but these two work well for me! I use creatine (I use ErgoCRE) to promote muscle growth, and BCAAs to help with muscle repair and recovery!

5. Be Merciless! Target those stubborn muscle groups two or three times a week instead of just once. 


6. Challenge Yourself! Join my Battle of the Body Parts Challenge, which begins Monday, February 19th! I've created wildly effective supplemental programs for glutesbiceps, and delts

Each muscle group even has its own coach for the six week challenge. The winner with the biggest changes from each group will win $100 cashClick here to see more details and sign up! (You can even get one of the programs free when you buy the other two!)

Subscribe to the Fit Like Flint YouTube Channel for more exercise demos and motivational vlogs!

Please comment and tell me your favorite way to grow your lagging muscle groups!

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