Fit Like Flint was originally a Facebook page called “Biceps & Buttercream”, and was started as a way for Rachel Flint to share her new-found passions for fitness and cake decorating.  One day in early 2013,  while coloring on a giant piece of paper with her oldest daughter, Rachel drew a heart and when she turned it around to show her daughter, she realized it looked just like a derriere!  And not just any derriere, but the kind that is only built by spending some quality time in the squat rack. The "I <3 Squats" tank design was created and within months, thousands of people across the world had ordered their "I <3 Squats" tank, and Fit Like Flint was born.   Before long, cake decorating was a distant memory and creating fitness apparel had become a full-time pursuit.

Fit Like Flint thrives not because our apparel is the best (although we believe it is!), but because of the purpose it serves.  We believe that what we wear is one important factor that defines who we are.  It helps us stay motivated during our workouts. It's nearly impossible to quit early when you're wearing your "Never Give Up" tank. And you can't slack when you're wearing a tank that says "Do Work"!  A clever tank design also opens the door for us to talk to others about fitness. Try wearing a Thunder Thighs or "I <3 Squats" tank - we bet you'll get some comments!

As a business that was born out of a hobby, we admittedly had no idea what we were doing and learned in a “trial by fire” type of way.  But even with our initial lack of experience, we were committed to quality, superior customer service, and most of all, unique designs. We work hard to ensure that our products are worthy of our name and your dollars. We’ve made lots of mistakes but have steadily grown and improved, and we are now one of the top apparel companies in the fitness industry!

Fit Like Flint is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is operated by the owner and four part-time employees.  

Our first design, "I <3 Squats"



Rachel Flint is the founder and CEO of Fit Like Flint, LLC.  Rachel fell in love with fitness in 2007, when she decided to see if strength training would help reshape her pear-shaped frame. (It did!) She is happily married to her husband, Ben, a stand-up comedian.  They have three children - two daughters and one son.  In addition to running Fit Like Flint, Rachel is a spokesmodel for Bodybuilding.com. She homeschools her children and serves as a traditional member in the Oklahoma Air National Guard.  She has a passion for encouraging women and helping other small business succeed.  




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