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Fit Like Flint is honored to have some excellent athletes and fitness personalities representing our brand.

Tannis Gregory
Kingston, Ontario
Tannis' Public Facebook Page:  Muscle Miss

How you became interested in weight training/fitness: In November 2011, I was looking over my husbands shoulder when he was doing something on the computer. He was on Bodybuilding.com, and I caught a glimpse of Jamie Eason promoting her Live Fit Trainer. I thought to myself "What do I have to lose??". So I studied the plan, and absorbed as much information as I could find, and on January 2, 2012, I began my first ever weight session. It was "Love at first pump". I haven't turned back, and I can't imagine life without weight training now.

Obstacles you've overcome: I haven't quite overcome this yet, but I am definitelydefinately working on it: I have a sugar and food addiction. You know that little switch that goes off in a normal persons mind, saying "Ok, you've had enough, back away now", or "You really don't need another bite", or "Stop. Now"; I don't seem to have that switch, or if I do, it's faulty. I eat. And I eat. And I eat some more. I have literally eaten until I felt like I could explode, and I'll still manage to go back for one more bite. I will feel absolutely disgusting the next day, and say it will never happen again. But it does. It's a constant battle. I'm certainly not as bad as I used to be, but I still fight with the demons that allow it to happen. And I'm still working out the kinks and trying to get to where my mind should be to allow me to enjoy food the way the I should.

How does fitness make your life better?: I feel so happy and free when I have a training day. I used to train at night, just before bed, and then one day I decided I wanted to try an early morning. Since then, I will wake up between 430-5am and get my workout in before starting the day. I love the boost it gives. It definately makes the feel good endorphins flow. And when I have had some really good nutrition days with those weight training sessions, I love how I feel. I feel confident, and sexy, like I could take on anything. I feel strong.

What successes have you had?: I completed all 12 weeks of Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer in Jan-Mar 2012. It was the first time I had actually focused and completed any type of fitness program. I went on to do James Wilson's "Fitness Map" 12 week program, and took part in his first ever 12 week challenge. I placed 2nd in transformation! I just recently got my Personal Training Certification as well, and I look forward to using that to help others.

Unique things about you?: I am a military daughter, and military wife. I am a mother of 2. I have lived in 5 provinces (BC, NS, NB, SK, ONT) and 2 countries (Canada and UK). Because of all my moving with the military, I have been blessed with 4 super incredible best friends. I have an obsession with monkeys, the way they look, the way they act, everything about them. I even have a monkey tattooed on my lower back; his name is Phil McCrackin. I can touch my nose with my tongue. My "twin" is Rachel Flint.

What do you like about Fit Like Flint?: What don't I like? I "met" Rachel when I started JE's trainer the first time around. Her body and habits were similar to mine. We called each other our "twins". I have a deep love and respect for Rachel, and all she has accomplished. She is always there for me if I am having a bad day, or need help with something nutrition/fitness related. She's always there to lend an ear. She has such a love for God, that she shines so very brightly, without hesitation, for the world to see. It is nothing short of a priviledge and honor to be her friend, and to be part of her business endeavors! Fit Like Flint is going to do BIG things, you just wait and see. Batten down the hatches, she's coming full force!!!  Love you Rachel!!

Lisa Smith
Ridgecrest, California
Public Facebook Page:  The Smith Machines Fitbook

Hello there! I am Lisa Smith. My husband, Jimmy, and I live in Southern California with our two boys (ages 5 & 6). I have been so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom as well as homeschool our boys!

Let me rewind about 5 years...I gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy and ended up having two c-sections which were pretty brutal, to say the least. Both recoveries took about 6 months before the excruciating pain went away. Post pregnancies, I was in the worst shape of my life. Not just due to pregnancies, but because I was feeding my body highly processed foods that did nothing flattering for my figure (or my health.) I think it's safe to say that I was addicted to junk food. Well, I had finally had enough. I was ready to do something about it. My husband has been bodybuilding for the past 19 years and we have been ordering his supplements from bodybuilding.com for many years. One day around June or July 2011, when I was making an order on bodybuilding.com, I saw an advertisement about a new program getting ready to launch in August 2011. It was Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer. I could not wait to start! I had always admired Jamie and really looked forward to giving LiveFit a try! Well here I am, over two years later and now addicted to weight training and eating clean thanks to Jamie Eason and bodybuilding.com. It has completely transformed my body, and in such a short time! In just 12 weeks, I felt like a totally new woman! I even got my husband and our boys on board with clean eating and I can't even tell you how happy it makes me knowing they are all being nourished with healthy foods. Really wish I would have done that all along, but better late than never I know it isn't easy squeezing in a workout in between family, school and work schedules, but it IS totally worth it. I either go to the gym at 4:30 am before my family is awake, or later in the evening once everyone is settled. I look forward to that 1 hour of lifting weights every day, I almost don't feel right if I don't get to the gym and get my workout in. One piece of advice I would give to any women just starting their fitness journeys and weight lifting... Don't worry about the number on the scale!! I can't stress it enough. It truly doesn't matter. I weigh more now than I did in my before picture but my body has completely transformed. I've toned, tightened, lost fat, gained muscle, and feel healthier and stronger than ever before. I personally like to measure my progress by taking progress pictures every couple weeks. I compare them side by side on the computer so I can see my progress and which areas need more work.

It always sounds kind of weird when I say this, but I consider myself a "bodybuilder." After all, I'm building my body, right? I started a fitness page a little over a year ago (The Smith Machines Fitbook) and since I have been bodybuilding, I have made so many new friends who are also into bodybuilding/fitness, and healthy living. I have also been blessed to become a Fit Like Flint sponsored athlete. I absolutely love Fit Like Flint. Not just because of their awesome apparel and accessories, but I greatly admire their honesty, integrity, values, and humbleness which all shine so brightly. I am proud to be a Fit Like Flint athlete and am so grateful for being given the opportunity!

Like I said, I've only been living this healthy lifestyle for a little over two years now, but I have learned so much throughout my journey and love helping others get started on their fitness journeys. If you ever have any questions, I'm more than willing to help the best I can! Shoot me a message

Jenica Walker
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Jenica's Public Facebook Page:  This Mom is Losing It

At 310 lbs and only 28 years old, and as a Mom of a then 20 month old and newborn, my life seemed as if it would play out before me, with me just standing by watching it happen- as long as I would live to do so. I had an “ah-ha” moment one afternoon.

I was playing around with my daughter while my newborn son took a nap. I decided to pretend like I was sleeping. She came up to me, and began to try to wake me up. I continued to pretend to be asleep. She again tried to wake me, and when I didn't respond, she began to cry.

That moment changed everything. I am a stay-at-home mom and all I could think was, "What if something really happened to me while I was home alone with them? This is how she would react. This is how scared she would be."

My journey to lose over 100 lbs was one of baby steps taken along the way. I got my food intake under control and slowly started to incorporate fitness into my life. As a stay-at-home-mom, finding time for fitness isn’t easy! I didn’t (and still don’t) have hours to spend at a gym (or the extra money!), so I had to often incorporate my kids into my workouts. For lots of my journey, I strapped the kids in the double stroller and would simply take them for walks. 20 minutes at a time was about all I could manage then, and here I am 2.5 years later and completing my first half marathon. I also found lots of resources on Pinterest and Youtube for quick circuit routines that I literally did in my kitchen while my children napped. I’ve also incorporated some Zumba and light weight training into my fitness routine. Making time for fitness and exercise in my life has made me a better wife and a better mother. It’s helped improve my moods, helped me sleep better, and given me YEARS added onto my life.

Obstacles have come (and continue to come) along this path. There have been bad days, weeks, sometimes even months, but I now realize that this is a lifelong journey that will have ups and downs. Having a bad day doesn’t equal failure, refusing to try again is.

I am so excited and honored to be a Fit Like Flint Athlete (and still a little stunned to be honest!) I am so impressed with the integrity of this amazing company, it’s mission to empower women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. For so long I thought that fitness and health was something that wasn’t attainable for me… That I couldn’t be “that girl”, but my journey and the message of Fit Like Flint shows that anything is possible and YOU can achieve YOUR goals.

Feel free to visit my page for more info about my story

www.facebook.com/thismomislosingit and on Instagram @thismomislosingit

Tiffany Riley
Havre, Montana
Public Facebook Page:  Tiffany Riley

My name is Tiffany Riley. I am a stay at home mother to four children. Ages 14, 12, 7, and four. Girl, girl, boy, girl. I first got interested in fitness about 6 years ago. My husband has been into bodybuilding since we met, many years ago. I really had no interest at all. He has always ordered his supps from bb.com. In one of his boxes he received, there was a free calendar of Jamie Eason. This was about the time she first came out. I had never saw her before, and was amazed at the perfect balance of muscles and beauty. It was then I decided ,why not give it a try. So, off to the gym I went. I then started researching a lot and found a transformation contest on bb.com, and the rest is history! Obstacles I have had to over come have been making fitness a priority with such a busy life. I wake up every day at 4 to get this done before my kids go to school .Nothing will stand in the way of my dreams and goals. Also, after my last baby I severely hemorrhaged after my uterus ruptured and I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. I didn’t know if I could ever bounce back after that. Espcially because they ripped me open from my pubic bone to my belly button. It wasn’t pretty at all; especially being an emergency, they literally ripped me open. I thought I was ruined. I had about 21 staples and left a huge scar. Fitness makes my life better in so many ways. I need ‘me’ time to make me a better mom. I need to be healthy as a great example to my children. I need the energy to keep up with my house hold. I have done 2 bikini competitions thus far (and am planning more in 2014). I didn’t have great success, but learned a lot. I have never had a coach, or nutritionist. This journey has been a lot of learning what works best for ME. For my first too comps, believe it or not, I came in too lean and muscular for bikini. I had never even seen a show, and I just thought, the leaner and more muscular, the better. Boy was I wrong. It’s all a learning experience. I recently won the Formula 50 Challenge on bodybuilding.com and got the opportunity to fly to Boise, to the bb.com HQ to do a photo shoot. Hmmm…..something unique about me…I don’t know if it’s unique, but some of my hobbies outside of fitness include: hunting (yes, deer hunting), fishing, golfing, and rafting. I can be VERY girly, but have no problem not doing my makeup and hair for a week!! I love God, and include him in my life every day. I live in Montana What I love about Fit Like Flint; The clothing is great quality, and I can relate to almost all of the shirts I get many compliments on them, and am SO proud to represent a company I believe in. Plus, Rachel is an AMAZING girl who I have had the pleasure of getting to know for the past 3 years or so. And she is just as nice in person.

Andie Young

Howell, MI, USA
Public Facebook Page:  The Fit Mommy Project

How you became interested in fitness:

I started working out regularly in 2010 (which was a seven year break after graduating high school). At the time, I was working out exclusively with a personal trainer. He was extremely fit and very dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, so much so that he signed up regularly to do various fitness competitions. He would sign up for marathons, iron mans, stair climbs and obstacle races etc. The obstacle races (i.e. tough mudder) were what caught my eye. I felt the sudden urge to lift and train as much as possible, so that I could say that I completed one of those types of events. After building up to a 6 day per week lifting/running schedule, I completed my first tough mudder in March 2012. After finishing such an inspiring event, I decided I needed more... I wanted a new goal. In May 2012, I joined CrossFit and have been lifting HEAVY and HAPPILY ever since.

What obstacles you've had to overcome:

My biggest obstacle occurred in 2010 when I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. Most of you are thinking, “So what, you can’t eat wheat. You call that an obstacle?” Well, there is so much more to it than you’d think. I spent a large part of my life feeling ill: Fatigue, rashes, abdominal pain, nausea, acid reflux, you name it and I had it. Towards the end, I endured almost 6-9 months of testing through multiple physicians in order to find out what could be wrong with me. All those years I “sucked it up” and suffered through the symptoms, when all I really needed was a change in diet. I never had realized the horrible relationship with food I had until the day I was diagnosed. I went from years of mindlessly eating highly processed foods, to suddenly having to rely on fresh whole foods. Now I have to battle mini obstacles every day. I have to watch where my food comes from and how it’s prepared or served to me. I have to pack my lunches, read all food labels and pass on amazing foods that contain gluten. Had I had known that food played such a large role in how our bodies worked and performed, I would have switched to this diet many years ago.

How fitness makes your life better:

Fitness can make your life better in so many ways. It decreases your blood pressure and heart rate. It can lower your cholesterol and blood sugar. It can strengthen your heart, lungs and bones. It can protect your brain from dementia. It can add years onto your life. It usually pushes you to eat a healthier and cleaner diet. All of which are the great reasons I continue to exercise.

What successes you've had (whether it's fat loss, competitions, etc.):

I’ve lost body fat, gained a ton of muscle and have been able to perform in the top of my age bracket at competitions. But the biggest successes I have noticed throughout my healthy and fit lifestyle has come from within. I’ve noticed that it has made me more outgoing, confident and proud. I feel more empowered and strong inside and out. I have realized that I can achieve whatever it is that I set my mind to. That to me is worth more than putting on a size 2 pair of jeans.

Something unique about YOU:


I work full time as a trauma surgery physician assistant. I love all different genres of music: Christian, Country, Rock, Pop, R&B and Oldies. My husband and I adopt a family for Christmas instead of buying gifts for each other. I love dogs. I would much rather buy gym clothes than any other type of clothes.


What you like about Fit Like Flint:

I love the fact that FLF endorses all body types and sizes. Being “fit” is about how you fuel and treat your body. It’s about taking on a healthy lifestyle and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. It’s about being strong both mentally and physically. Being “fit” isn’t about 10% body fat or size 0 jeans. That is what FLF is all about and that is why I love them.

Tracey LaValle
Edmond, Oklahoma
Public Facebook Page:  Transform from the Core


Hello…My name is Tracey LaValle, from Edmond Oklahoma. I first became interested in fitness, weight lifting/training in my early 20's. It wasn't until I was thirty-years old that I decided I wanted to gain more from my time in the gym. I meet with a trainer, a really good one. Just as I had suspected it wasn't the weight training, form etc that was not working allowing me to achieve my goals, it was what I was eating. My trainer told me that 80-85% of What You Eat determines the outcome and your progress in the gym. I was SO curious, I wanted to know this formula no matter what! This strong curiosity is what sparked a whole new life venture for me. This curiosity would ultimately become a passion, turned into a career. Learning what to eat, reading food labels and becoming label savvy, keeping it clean, and what foods/ingredients to avoid. This passion also lead me to become a Certified Personal Trainer so I could share, not only the importance of exercising, but eating healthy on a daily basis, to develop good eating habits and to make changes in their lifestyle and health. Back to the weight training…After learning the importance of eating I was ready to change my body shape. I grew up very self-conscience my body and its shape. I had always heard your shape was determined by your genetics, but later learned it was determined only by a very small percentage of your genetics. This is where my weight lifting journey really began. Weight lifting here I come! After I had my twins I found my self up nursing at 4 AM. Unable to go back to sleep, I decided I would hit the gym. By 5:15 am. I was lifting weights and doing cardio. It soon became a drug for me. It would pump me up, really get the blood flowing and the endorphins kicking. Exercising in the morning (or anytime of the day) releases those "feel good" endorphins and just puts you on this natural high with tons of energy. The kind of energy you have when you feel like you could conquer the world. By age 40 I decided I wanted to take my fitness to the next level and compete in my very first Figure Competition. Not only did I want to take things to the next level I wanted to conquer those demons of self doubt, insecurities of my body image and stage fright. I have never been fond of being the center of attention, especially on stage, half naked and in front of hundreds of people. Actually, millions once the photos from the competition hit the world wide web. Eeeek! Competing was definitely one of the toughest things I have ever done. It was a mental, spiritual, and physical journey I will always remember in all that I do or attempt to do in the future. Although I did not win my class, I placed fourth both times I competed. I plan to compete again in 2014 and will continue as long as my body will allow me to. A few things most people do not know about me… I hold a Bachelors Degree in Oral Communications for the University of Central Oklahoma. I had dreams of someday becoming a news anchor, the next Mary Hart if you will. Haha! Pretty funny right? I guess even when I was younger I was still trying to overcome my fear of speaking in front of people and being in the public eye. I still have a strong love for the radio, tv and news industry, but so glad I changed direction upon graduating. I actually graduated early from UCO and took a job as a Delta Flight Attendant. I lived in Atlanta, GA, NYC, and Miami Florida to name a few. I've always LOVED anything to do with aviation. So when I was twenty-two and still in college I decided to join the U.S. Air Force. Through the Air Force I became a Flight Medic (medical technician) on C-130 Aircraft and logged thousands of flight hours over my seven years of service with the Air Force/Oklahoma Air National Guard. This was one of the best times of my life. In my late twenties I decided I wanted to learn about skin care so I became a licensed Asthetician. I grew up a latch-key kid spending many summers at the local swimming pool. It was the 1970’s and we really didn’t care about our skin like we do these days. I am a fair-complected, Scottish girl, so I never tanned and ALWAYS burned. So here I am this trained medic and I thought I want to learn more about caring for the skin and reversing the signs of sun damage or better yet, teach other how to care for their skins to avoid the damage I did to my skin. Yet, another passion was born. For the past 15 years I have been helping others learn the importance of caring for their skin and helping it look youthful and vibrant. Now in my forties, a Licensed Asthetician, Certified Personal Trainer, Figure Competitor, mom of a daughter and twin boys. I am sharing what I am passionate about and love; teaching others about Skincare, Fitness, weight lifting, Health & Wellness. I am continually educating myself so I can help others transform themselves to stay healthy, fit, young and beautiful from the inside out. I currently own my own skincare business and my own personal training business. My skincare business is simply called, Skincare by Tracey. My personal training business name has a bit more personality and meaning. It’s called Transform From The Core. I feel that it’s EXTREMELY important to get the inside of your body, your CORE, cleaned up and firing on all cylinders to help with making the outside asthetically presentable and healthy. I love the phrase “you are what you eat.” Back when I learned how your food intake affected your progress or time spent in the gym I would often state those five little words. It has now become a catch phrase and a hashtag for my personal training business. To me it means your transformation starts from the inside out.

Why I love Fit Like Flint workout apparel ? I was first introduced to Fit Like Flint clothing at a Pro Show in Chicago. It was love at first site and touch! The way a piece of clothing feels is EXTREMELY important to me. Comfort is everything, especially when you are working out. FLF apparel is not only comfortable, its super cool. It's apparel that makes a statement, "literally!" I say, "Make your statement" but make it in Fit Like Flint apparel.


Why I love Fit Like Flint workout apparel ? I was first introduced to Fit Like Flint clothing at a Pro Show in Chicago. It was love at first site and touch! The way a piece of clothing feels is EXTREMELY important to me. Comfort is everything, especially when your are working out. FLF apparel is not only comfortable, its super cool. It's apparel that makes a statement, "literally!" I say, "Make your statement" in Fit Like Flint apparel.

Umo Callins
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Public Facebook Page:  180Physique
I'm Umo Callins IFPA Figure Pro born and raised in OKC. I am the owner of 180Physique Nutrition & Fitness in OKC in which I'm a personal trainer and Registered Dietitian. In addition to training, I'm also a nutrition & wellness professor. I'm happily married to James Callins IFPA Pro bodybuilder. I became interested in fitness and weight lifting in 2008. I was an athlete throughout my high school years but the interest sparked up again when I knew I wanted to become a personal trainer and a dietitian. I literally eat, sleep & breath health and fitness! I love everything about it and my passion is to inspire & impact as many lives as possible. I truly believe that fitness makes me better because as an athlete I'm able to push myself with every workout & competition that I do. I am my biggest competitor and I always set short term and long term goals for myself & have been successful at achieving them so far! As a health and fitness professional, fitness makes me better by having the privilege to impact & changes lives! It brings me an overwhelming amount of joy to see and hear my clients health success stories!

I have been competing in the sport of natural bodybuilding (figure division) for three years and have been a Figure Pro for two years. My most recent accomplishment was placing 3rd in my height class in a tough class of athletes at the IFPA Yorton Cup World Championships! I am also a competitive Crossfitter & am now planning to compete as a power lifter as well. My plans for 2014 are to compete in the Crossfit Open with the hopes & goal to qualify for regionals. I also plan to compete in my first natural powerlifting competition.

Something unique is that I love taking pictures of pretty much everything especially food. Heehee!

I am so happy & honored to be a Fit Like Flint sponsored athlete! I love all if the cute tees & designs that Rachel has come up with and I love rocking them at the gym and when I'm out and about! FitLikeFlint ROKS!

Cari Clift
Adrian, Michigan
Public Facebook Page:  Fit & Fierce

I first started weight training when I was in college. I had always been active in high school sports and dance classes since I was little, but I had applied to the Boston Fire Department and knew I needed to get strong to pass the physical agility test. I found a training plan that my mom had used in the past and started lifting. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, so I signed up for a women’s weight training class at the university I attended. The class was a joke, but I quickly learned to love lifting. I started seeking out my own information online and through friends. When it came time for the agility test, I was the only woman in my group, but I passed right alongside the men. During the test, however, I suffered a back injury. It wasn’t immediately apparent, but a couple hours after the test was complete, my neck and upper back were so stiff and painful I could hardly move. I was traveling back to my hometown the next day, and started a job as a camp counselor the day after that, so I didn’t seek medical attention right away. In fact, it took me almost a year before I decided to see a doctor. 5 years, multiple doctors, x-rays, MRIs, physical therapy sessions and diagnoses later, I still have chronic back and neck pain. I get massages once a month to help manage the pain, but I’ve learned to live with it. I try not to let it slow me down when it comes to my lifting. There are days that I have to take it easier than I’d like, but for the most part I’ve found that lifting doesn’t have much of an effect on it, so I push through. No one’s body is perfect, so I refuse to let my back pain be an excuse. Without fitness and lifting, I don’t know where I would be today. Working out is so much more than a way to burn calories for me. It’s my favorite time of day, and easily what dictates my activities the rest of the day. The way I eat, my sleep schedule, and social activities are all formed around my daily workout. It’s my priority and my sanity. I usually lift in the morning and run or do another form of cardio in the afternoons. It takes up a lot of my time, but I enjoy it and look forward to it (most of the time). It’s hard to quantify exactly how much my body has changed since I started lifting, but when I first started I wore a size 10/12 (I’m 5’1) and weighed about 130 lbs. Today I weigh almost exactly the same, but I wear a size 4/6 and am significantly stronger in all aspects. Lifting has not only made me a successful firefighter (I am on a paid/on-call department in Michigan now) but has given me the confidence to go for the things I want in life. It has shown me that hard work and dedication DO pay off. After passing the original physical agility test in Boston, I knew that I wanted to pursue firefighting. Although I didn’t receive a job offer from Boston, I joined a small department in Michigan near my hometown. I’ve been a Firefighter/EMT for 4 years now, and was recently promoted to 2nd in Command on my squad, making me the highest ranking female on the department. I’d like to think I have the respect of the men not just because of my knowledge and skill base, but because I am strong enough to perform the tasks required of me, something that doesn’t come easily and not all the women on the department can say. I am proud to represent Fit Like Flint because it represents many of the things that matter to me – strength, determination, and an indomitable spirit. Wearing Fit Like Flint apparel sends that message that you are strong-willed and refuse to be held back in lifting or in life. FLF means that working out is more than a way to burn calories for you too; it’s a way of life. Rachel has been an incredible friend to me and I am honored to be included in her company!

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