We all have that one muscle group that just won't cooperate. No matter what we do, it just doesn't seems to want to GROW! So I've developed three programs to attack the three muscle groups that women most often complain about: glutes, delts, and biceps. We'll work them three times a week with these targeted supplemental programs and force them to GROW!

Select the muscle group that you want to work on the most. You'll even have a personal trainer to coach you through the next six weeks and answer all your questions!

You pick your team - Delts, Glutes, or Biceps and compete against everyone else for a chance to win $100 cash at the end of six weeks! The winner from each team with the best results will win $100! Will it be you? 

Battle of the Body Parts begins February 19th but space is limited on each team so sign up now!

BONUS! Sign up for two teams and get the third team FREE! Just add all three to your cart and use coupon code BBPFREE at checkout! (This is a great option to get the programs even if you don't want to use them all right now!)

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