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Runners. Nurses. Busy professionals. Moms whose time is spread way too thin.

We hear you. (And we're on the struggle bus with you!) Sometimes you just can't make it to the gym five or six days a week. Three days is a huge win, and in some cases, one or two days will have to do.

That's OKAY!

This program will help you make the most of the time you DO have, and you'll still be done in about an hour! No more guilt. No more feeling like a failure. No more feeling like you just can't keep up. This program will yield great results and give you back more of what you need: TIME!

We're including a GYM option and a HOME option in this beta version - all FOR ONE PRICE. 

Since this is a preorder and you'll be waiting a few weeks for your program to be delivered to your inbox, later this week we'll shoot you a few FREE full body workouts to keep you busy while you wait for the program! 

We'll also throw in a few Tabata / HIIT workouts with your program!

So to recap, you'll get

  • Three-day GYM program ($97 value)
  • Three-day HOME program ($97 value)
  • FREE full body workouts ($32 value)
  • FREE Tabata / HIIT workouts ($18 value) 
  • A final copy of the finished HOME and GYM versions when they are released 


That's a $244 VALUE for just $47!

This offer will not come around again. This is your only chance! 



Program will be delivered to your inbox on or before Friday, May 4th. Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you. Yes, I'm a nerd. ;-)





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